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LatinNews White Paper: Pension provision in Latin America

Pension provision in Latin America used to be a subject that no one talked about. In the 1970s and early 1980s it just didn’t seem to be a pressing issue, compared with higher priority matters such as achieving faster GDP growth, promoting economic development, controlling inflation and achieving a fairer distribution of income. Yet over the last four decades pensions have been steadily pushing their way up the priorities list. Pension provision is now seen as important, controversial, and closely connected to, not separate from, those wider issues such as growth, development and poverty reduction. In a word, in the economic debate pensions are becoming mainstream. Everything indicates that over the next two decades the ‘pension question’ will loom even larger than it is now.

First published in August 2017 as a Special Insight Paper, LatinNews experts analyse the landscape of pension provision across Latin America. With the huge demographic changes underway in the region, it is a subject governments cannot afford to kick into the long grass, as has been done over the last half-century.

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