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We provide a special ‘LatinNews for Students’ service for individual students.

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LatinNews is a ‘must-have’ resource for all universities with international relations courses. Most university libraries provide access to the full LatinNews service – that is to all our specialist publications and to our 50-year-plus research archive.

The LatinNews for Students service enables individual students to:

1.    Receive the latest issue of Latin American Weekly Report direct to your inbox free of charge.

2.    Have your own articles published by LatinNews – the world’s most-prestigious media outlet for Latin American specialists.

3.    Join a community of like-minded students and share ideas on Latin American politics and history, and on your courses and universities.

For your detailed research work you will still have to access your university library for access to the full LatinNews service and archive, but LatinNews for Students is a brilliant opportunity to advance your interests in Latin American affairs at no cost – and to increase your career prospects by getting published in a prestigious journal while still a student.

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Latest Analysis

Latin American Weekly Report provides a behind-the-scenes briefing on all the week’s key developments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Understanding what is really going on in a country is what will allow you to take your studies to the next level.

The first ever issue of Latin American Weekly Report, published in April 1967, began with the words: “There is something going on in Bolivia, but it is not what is being reported in the press…” That first issue then went on to reveal what was really happening behind the scenes in La Paz.

The same imperative to uncover the real underlying facts has been the driving force behind Latin American Weekly Report for 50 years, and week-after-week and year-after-year it has delivered invaluable insights based on unrivalled access at the highest level.

Get published

In addition to our own analysis, LatinNews is offering you the opportunity to have your own articles professionally edited and published. If you are currently a student researching Latin America or geopolitics, and have a perspective on a pressing issue concerning the Latin American region, you could be published on our website. If you would like to talk to us about submitting an article, please contact us using our online Contact Form.

This is a fantastic opportunity to build your portfolio of published works. You would be able to include your published articles on your resumé, making you more attractive to future employers as an expert in your field.

Courses and Opportunities

LatinNews provides information about Latin America-focussed courses, and also job and internship opportunities.

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